Who Needs TV When I've Got T-Pain

Yeah/It’s a good thing.

Yeah/It’s a good thing.

I spelled “necessary” correctly on the first try.

I spelled “necessary” correctly on the first try.


by Lemony Snicket and Lisa Brown

1. Sometimes I have an itch, and then I scratch it, but a little while later I have an itch again.

2. At the end of the day, I get pretty tired.

3. Sometimes I eat something and then it’s like, ew.

4. I know someone who has a ton of allergies.

5. More than three members of my extended family are occasionally very irritating.

6. I sometimes have trouble sleeping several hours after seeing a scary movie.

For the complete list and how to interpret your personal score follow the link:  http://www.mcsweeneys.net/articles/do-you-need-pharmaceutical-assistance

Well, stomp on frogs and shove a crowbar up my nose!

I have been saying this phrase as an alternative to “I’ll be dipped in shit!” or other such cornponery since I was a kid. Today I decided to google the phrase in an attempt to find out what is wrong with me. I was surprised to learn it is from a Garfield strip.  

Good for me: I ate an organic apple.

Bad for me: I ate half of the little sticker they put on it.

I don’t think the sticker is organic.

“Sturgill writes and sings songs exactly as a man named Sturgill should,”
-Jason Isbell

Celebrity Beat-Off, with your host ?uestlove

Celebrity Beat-Off, with your host ?uestlove

Ash “Girl From Mars”


I love that weird,over-saturated color effect. That’s the 90s in a nutshell.