Who Needs TV When I've Got T-Pain

Doing vocal warm-ups on the way to work this morning was way easier after I switched off Morning Edition and fired up the Outkast. Sorry Robert Siegel but I’m colder than a polar bears toenails oh hell there he goes talking that shit. Jay-Z helped too. I think I may have to forgo NPR for hip-hop in the mornings now. I’m definitely in a better mood than I usually am.

Eddie Pepitone heckles himself.

"Hey Pepitone, how come you’ve started to pray? You know you don’t believe in God!"

Today I stumbled across the best nickname for my dog Tucker:  Tuckminster Fuller. 

(drops mic)

Some times at 10:45pm on a Friday you just decide you need to watch “Two Cathedrals”

I’ve never needed ice cream like this.

—Official Deepsouthlefty Girlfriend.